Residency Renewal 在留期間更新の手続き

Now that I have started my 4th year on JET, it was time to renew our residency cards. Below is a rough guide for CIRs and ALTs on how to complete this process.  When you first arrive in Japan on the JET Program, you automatically get a 3-year residence card. If you are able to… Continue reading Residency Renewal 在留期間更新の手続き

Horoman Gorge Tour

In July we held the second guided monitoring tour for foreign visitors. This is my second time interpreting a tour for the local ALTs. 最近、第2回の外国人向けのモニタツアーを行いました。ALTや外国人向けのモニタツアーに通訳したのは2回目でした。 Horoman Community Center This time we decided to explored the Horoman Gorge. We met with the participants in front of GeoLabo Mt. Apoi. This tour was also kept to a… Continue reading Horoman Gorge Tour

8 Scenic Sights Walking Tour

日本語版はこちらです:インバウンド向けフットパスモニターツアーを催行しました About a month ago, the geopark manager approached me with an idea to put together a test-tour geared towards foreigners. Even though Hokkaido is a popular place for Asian travelers, our geopark gets relatively few foreign visitors. I'm sure it's mostly due to our town being out-of-the-way and nowhere near a major city. However,… Continue reading 8 Scenic Sights Walking Tour