Hot Summer Day in Samani

Today is supposed to be the hottest day of the year so far in good ol’ Samani town. Sooo.. after driving Mama Bear and Baby Bear to work/kindergarten, what does Papa Bear do?… a Konbini (7/11) breakfast at the beach while enjoying the surf and clear skies.

This is one of the many reasons I enjoy living in Samani so much. On a hot Summer day you can go to the beach, on a cool Spring or Fall day you can hike up a mountain, and on a cold as hell Winter day you can bundle up and look at the snow outside or go to one of a couple nearby onsen (Japanese bath). From where we live it’s a five to seven minute drive to any of these places not to mention several hiking trails, the Samani Dam, and a local folk museum. A 30 to 45 minute drive will take you to several other onsen, a karaoke and another a folk/horse museum in Urakawa, or the point of the island and the wind museum in Erimo.

Being surrounded on three sides by mountains and one side by the ocean has it’s perks. Just don’t ask about fast food, movies, or other city-based forms of entertainment. Saves a lot on the pocket book and after a while you only rarely miss any of those city-based activities or American style foods. I will say though, every once in a while you get that strong craving for a donut from Mr Donut or Big Mac from good ol’ McDonald’s so we do plan the occasional shopping trip to Shizunai (a 1hr drive) where we can check out the second-hand store and satisfy our food cravings.

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